Packaging Perl

Achim Gratz
Thu Jun 4 19:22:32 GMT 2020

Jon Turney writes:
> I think the perl cygclass in cygport can know the perl version being
> built against, and can add that to the requires?

It knows the Perl version and can infer what the provide should be, yes.

But for the provides to be useful in a broader sense I think we need to
come up with a plan on how to record which provide(s) are present in the
current installation (given that the installation might be so old by the
time it gets upgraded that the current setup.ini doesn't have that bit
of information anymore).

> I'm not sure doing it automatically for everything is possible.

It sure is, the question is how to get it into the installation with the
least amount of changes.  To that end, I think we'd need to plop
something into the file system somewhere.  I believe the plan was that
provides do not create (empty) tar files or show up in the package
archive, but are purely metadata on the repository side, so that'd be
something that setup.exe would have to do.  It might be possible to
stuff it into installed.db, maybe even without changing the format
version, but I'm not sure that'd work for all scenarios.

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