[ITP] python36-wx 4.0.7.post2

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Mon Jun 15 18:26:34 GMT 2020

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps writes:
> Turns out just running "rebaseall" worked for me. I don't get any
> fork-related warnings/errors any more.

No it doesn't, it's a mere coincidence that it worked in your case.  You
shouldn't manually run rebaseall on Cygwin at all in fact, setup
perpetual postinstall actions take care of maintaing the rebase map.
If you ever have reason to believe that the rebase map needs a complete
rebuild, run "rebase-trigger full" and then run setup again.

Fitting newly built DLL into the rebase map is correctly done by an
ephemeral rebase like the script Marco has shown you does.

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