setup 2.902 release candidate - please test

Jon Turney
Thu Mar 12 20:43:56 GMT 2020

On 28/02/2020 17:45, Jon Turney wrote:
> A new setup release candidate is available at:
> (64 bit version)
>    (32 bit version)
> * using multiple keys (i.e. the .sig file contains multiple signatures), 
> where a signature from a known key is not the first one appearing.
> - Embeds a new Cygwin public key (which nothing is actually signed with 
> yet)

setup.ini is now being signed with both old and new Cygwin keys.

> * The '--disable-old-keys' option disables use of the current Cygwin 
> signing key.

... so it's now possible to successfully run setup, even when using this 

(as setup will ignore the first signature (made with the old key) and 
verify the next signature made with the new key)

... and hopefully existing setup keeps on working as well :)

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