Putting packages up for adoption

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty hamishmb@live.co.uk
Fri Mar 20 08:13:15 GMT 2020

If no one objects, I'd be happy to become a maintainer for the wxPython
and ddrescue packages. There are probably others I could pick up as
well, but I figure it's best to start small.

I'm not sure if there's a process for becoming a maintainer, but as a
result of my using Cygwin on and off for a few years, I think I have a
reasonably good idea of how it works, so I'd be happy to help. Cygwin is
a great project and has been very useful for me and many other people.


On 20/03/2020 03:47, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> Hello Cygwin package maintainers,
> As you all probably noted, I haven't been around much.  My team at work
> has been really busy accomplishing some pretty amazing feats over the
> last number of months, most recently:
> https://www.ibm.com/blogs/systems/red-hat-openshift-now-available-ibm-z-linuxone/
> While it's been great for my career, it obviously hasn't been so good
> for you and the community as a whole, as I've really had absolutely no
> time to work on Cygwin packaging.  In fact, I've barely used my Windows
> machine and VMs at all for quite some time.  And to be completely
> honest, it really doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon
> either.
> To that end, in the best interest of the community, please consider my
> packages up for adoption.  I don't expect that any one person will take
> all of them; some are obsolete and due for removal anyway, some should
> be picked up as soon as possible, and others might just end up
> bitrotting if nobody is interested in them.  However, in whatever there
> is interest (or need), hopefully what is there now will serve as a
> strong foundation to on which to continue to build.
> (And just to be perfectly clear, we're all in good health; this has
> nothing to do with the current crisis, except that maybe some of you
> have more time at home now to use to the benefit of Cygwin.)
> I'll continue lurking on the lists, and with this burden off my
> shoulders, try to transition to being a little more active as a mentor.
> So, please feel free to ask questions (on list, please), particularly
> if you don't understand why I did something in my packaging.  There is
> (or at least was at the time!) a good reason for all of it, even though
> I often neglected to document why.  I'll try to do what I can to make
> this as smooth as possible.
> All the best, stay safe, and keep on building!
> --
> Yaakov
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