cygport upload

Andrew Schulman
Sun Mar 29 12:08:56 GMT 2020

> > OK, works. Can lftp or cygport be configured so that lftp does not ask 
> > for a password? Or to use sftp instead?
> I don't know of any configuration for lftp to turn off that behaviour 
> (which is arguably a defect in lftp), but that's probably something you 
> could investigate for yourself.
> I am not sure why lftp is used instead of sftp, possibly it is 
> insufficiently scriptable to do what cygport wants to do.

I wrote the upload command for cygport, with review by Yaakov. Yes, it is harder
to script than you might guess. I originally proposed to offer sftp and lftp
options, but he said to strip it down to just lftp.

The logic is in /usr/share/cygport/lib/pkg_upload.cygpart. If the SSH_KEY
environment variable isn't set, then lftp connects with the connect string


which will prompt for a password. To use an ssh key, set SSH_KEY equal to the
file name of the key. You can do that in ~/.cygport.conf, for example:


Then if the key is already loaded in a running ssh_agent, or if it's
unencrypted, you shouldn't get a password prompt. Note that SSH_KEY is
documented in the cygport docs.

Good luck!

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