Help needed with gobject-introspection

Ken Brown
Wed May 27 20:32:14 GMT 2020

On 5/24/2020 11:56 AM, Jon Turney wrote:
> So, yeah, this is a meson bug, which I will work on (if this command ends up in 
> the, it's executed by ninja with 'sh -c', but if it ends up in a 
> pickle, it's executed by meson with execve())

It looks like I've bumped into a variation of this bug.  While attempting to 
build the documentation for the latest glib2.0 release, I got the following:

FAILED: docs/reference/gobject/gobject-decl.txt
/usr/bin/meson --internal exe --unpickle 
['/usr/bin/meson', '--internal', 'gtkdoc', 
'--subdir=docs/reference/gobject', '--headerdirs=gobject', 
'--mainfile=gobject-docs.xml', '--modulename=gobject', '--


/docs/reference/gobject/tut_tools.xml', '--cc=gcc', '--ld=gcc', 
'--cflags=-I@BUILD_ROOT@/gobject -I../gobject -pthread -I@BUILD_ROOT@/. -I../. 
-I@BUILD_ROOT@/glib -I../glib -I@BUILD_ROOT@/docs/reference/gobject/. -I../docs


So @BUILD_ROOT@ didn't get replaced by the build root after pickling and 
unpickling.  Needless to say, this produced errors like:

cc1: error: @BUILD_ROOT@/glib: No such file or directory 

I can give you a precise recipe for reproducing this bug if it would help your 


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