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Glenn Strauss gs-cygwin.com@gluelogic.com
Sun Nov 1 22:13:27 GMT 2020

On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 01:01:01PM -0600, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On 2020-10-30 07:05, Marco Atzeri via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> > On 30.10.2020 10:04, Glenn Strauss wrote:
> >> lighttpd developer (me) would like to adopt the lighttpd package in
> >> cygwin.
> >>
> >> lighttpd 1.4.55 was released in Jan.  A request to package was sent to
> >> the cygwin list in March.  Still no lighttpd 1.4.55 in cygwin. :(
> >>
> >> I am preparing to release lighttpd-1.4.56, a major release with support
> >> for HTTP/2, and figured getting lighttpd-1.4.55 into cygwin would be a
> >> good start for a new cygwin package maintainer.  lighttpd-1.4.55 has
> >> proven to be a stable release.
> > can you share the proposed packages somewhere ?
> > Just a formality to verify the package meets the cygwin standards
> > I assume you used Yaakov's cygport as base.
> The previous maintainer cygport is in the Cygwin source package, which you can
> install using the Cygwin Setup program, or download
> .../x86{,_64}/release/lighttpd/lighttpd-1.4.54-1-src.tar.xz from any Cygwin
> mirror, and also in the online repo used by appveyor CI:
> https://cygwin.com/git-cygwin-packages/?p=git/cygwin-packages/lighttpd.git
> Please just copy the contents of your updated lighttpd.cygport and the cygport
> generated directory hierarchies lighttpd-1.4.55-1.{x86_64,i686}/dist/ onto
> online shared storage somewhere with access via link(s) posted here.

lighttpd-1.4.55 package produced by cygport:

  (patch to lighttpd.cygport)
  (cygport dist/)

Future looking for lighttpd-1.4.56:

lighttpd is a modular web server.  However, the current lighttpd.cygport
lumps *everything* together into a single package, with dependencies for
all modules.  It appears the same was done for nginx.  At least Apache
httpd.cygport has multiple packages.  I plan to do something similar for
lighttpd-1.4.56, as lighttpd-1.4.56 adds multiple options for TLS
libraries, and a single lighttpd package should not depend on many
different TLS libraries available under Cygwin.  While lighttpd "could"
do so, I would rather not do so for those for whom disk space matters.

Question: what is the recommended approach to deploying such a change?

The lighttpd base package will still contain all modules for typical
usage of lighttpd.  However, if an end-user is using mod_openssl and
TLS modules are separated into separate packages, then the additional
package would need to be installed.

On Debian, this transition is occurring by having the Debian lighttpd
package "Recommends" lighttpd-mod-openssl, and apt/dpkg will install
the openssl module for typical upgrades which accept "Recommends".

Is there any similar mechanism on Cygwin?

Cheers, Glenn

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