[ITA] po4a

Erwin Waterlander waterlan@xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 4 11:44:10 GMT 2020

Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps schreef op 2020-10-13 18:34:
> On 10/13/2020 2:48 AM, Erwin Waterlander wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to adopt orphaned package po4a.
> Please show us your proposed cygport file and any patches.  Ideally,
> your cygport file would have an accurate BUILD_REQUIRES so that anyone
> can do a test build.
> Ken


I fixed the BUILD_REQUIRES in the playground branch. po4 0.61 builds, 
but fails on test.
I don't know how to fix the test.
The current version 0.52 also fails on test.
I had not much time to look at the tests, or if it works for me (with 
failing test).



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