[ITA] po4a

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Nov 4 17:20:15 GMT 2020

Erwin Waterlander writes:
> I fixed the BUILD_REQUIRES in the playground branch. po4 0.61 builds,
> but fails on test.
> I don't know how to fix the test.

At least the failing permissions tests are a result of the test not
expecting ACL to be present.  You should be able to copy the relevant
part of my cygport file for RCS, which has the same problem:


Whether you also need to drop the admin privileges you need to try out.

> The current version 0.52 also fails on test.

As it should.

> I had not much time to look at the tests, or if it works for me (with
> failing test).

WHen you push again to the playground branch you should now be able to
download an archive of the build directory.  That should enable you to
look at the full test logs to see if there is anything that requires
more attention.  For instance the rubydoc test fail looks like a missing
(test) dependency to me.  You don't necessarily need to fix these up
when you can be sure the package otherwise works (which it looks like it

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