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ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Nov 15 07:36:13 GMT 2020

Brian Inglis writes:
> I rebuilt with the original cygport updated minimally.

You're still supposed to search the configure log for any signs of it
not finding stuff you told it was available (like c-ares) and stuff that
you might not even now it wanted.


> This is one of those packages that advertises minimal dependencies and
> documents none AFAICT.

Everything older than about a year mostly looks like that.  Before
having the CI there wasn't a good way of figuring out the dependencies,
so almost nobody bothered with it.  It's still incomplete since the
dependencies pulled in by cygport will be assumed by the package (which
works only as long as these don't change).

> Is there a way of determining desirable, useful, or additional
> dependencies?

Usually the upstream documentation tells you their preferences.
Somtimes packages bundle dependencies, then you have to be careful to
direct the build to use the system libraries.  Additional dependencies
beyond those I tend to avoid.  I see you pulled in gnutls/nettle, I'd
rather use openssl unless upstream recommends against it.

Then you can look for the build specs on Linux distributions which
usually give you lots of clues (and often patches):


If in doubt, follow Fedora (like most other Cygwin packages).

> I found cygcares-2.dll was missing(!) from cygwin 32, so reinstalled
> it, and libnpth-devel was not installed in either arch, so installed
> those, added all the lib...-devel and tools dependencies to
> BUILD_REQUIRES, and all the relevant configure --with/out-... options,
> so now both arches build with only minor --version output differences.

Thank you.

I'm not really sure why you'd need libnpth and a bunch of other things.
You might want to add libattr-devel and see if xattr support gets

> Is it sufficiently worth while to resolve with a release -2 package,
> as there may be no further upstream releases of the package, other
> than replacement by wget2?

Please re-release the fixed package so that both architectures are

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