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Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Nov 17 19:10:19 GMT 2020

Brian Inglis writes:
> I dug up some Debian, Fedora, and OpenSuSE patches, and added them to the cygport.
> OpenSuSE patches appear only to be available in their source package,
> or online in their HTML page, for which I came up with a script to
> grab a package's patch URLs, scrape those web pages for the patch
> source, and convert from HTML to patch text. Do you know if there is
> any way to access OBS patches as plain text?

Nothing that I've used before, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.  There
obviously is some sort of an API that the osc CLI is using (I don't know
any details of that either), but how far that extends to plain HTTPS
REST requests I don't know.

> This build avoids autoreconf (from Eric).

That is probably not urgent, but I'd check if it can be re-enabled.  For
a while Cygwin had a too old autoconf version that would not work with
some packages tha twere using the newer ones, but that's no longer an
issue I'd think.

> It would make sense to list DIFF_EXCLUDES in DISTCLEANFILES to avoid
> them being packaged in the first place, as long as that did not break
> the build.
> So should I set DISTCLEANFILES to all the files *created* in the
> following log extracts, and set DIFF_EXCLUDES to those for which
> patches are created, or could more of each list be added to both?

In principle you should remove all files that are recreated anyway in
DISTCLEANFILES.  Now, generated files showing up in the diff at all is a
likely deficiency in configure, as these should not be generated in the
source directory at all, I'd think.  But getting a project that isn't
quite cleaned up for a separate build dir to put the files in the right
place (and later find them) can be quite an adventure.

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