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ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Nov 18 14:23:13 GMT 2020

Achim Gratz writes:
> Brian Inglis writes:
>> I dug up some Debian, Fedora, and OpenSuSE patches, and added them to the cygport.
>> OpenSuSE patches appear only to be available in their source package,
>> or online in their HTML page, for which I came up with a script to
>> grab a package's patch URLs, scrape those web pages for the patch
>> source, and convert from HTML to patch text. Do you know if there is
>> any way to access OBS patches as plain text?
> Nothing that I've used before, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.  There
> obviously is some sort of an API that the osc CLI is using (I don't know
> any details of that either), but how far that extends to plain HTTPS
> REST requests I don't know.

As I suspected, that problem isn't exactly new and one solution is this
Git repo that mirrors OBS:


It covers openSUSE Factory/Tumbleweed only, but that should suffice for
your purposes.

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