[ITA] wxWidgets3.0

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty hamishmb@live.co.uk
Sat Nov 21 16:52:19 GMT 2020

On 12/11/2020 18:00, Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On 11/11/2020 17:36, Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>> Ignore my previous message - whatever was wrong is now fixed. I didn't
>> change anything much so I think it was a dependency that had an issue
>> and was since recompiled.
>> 64-bit build is done and seems to work fine. I'm testing it using the
>> samples, nearly all of which work, and new things that weren't in the
>> previous wxwidgets build now work (eg webview with webkit).
>> I need to finish my testing and then build for 32-bit Cygwin, but all
>> seems good.
>> When it's all done I'll email again with my cygport file attached and a
>> link to the file locations.
>> Hamish
> Okay, I have successfully manually tested wxWidgets3.0 on both 32-bit
> and 64-bit Cygwin, and I haven't found any significant issues. It also
> seems to work with my existing wxPython build but I'm going to recompile
> that anyway just to be sure and to get the new version number for
> wxWidgets in the build.
> The test packages are available for download at
> https://www.hamishmb.com/files/cygwin-temp/ as usual, and my cygport
> file is attached here.
> Here's a quick summary of the changes I've made:
> - Updated to wxWidgets from 3.0.4.
> - Added build dependencies.
> - Evaluated lots of new patches (over 80), and found that nearly none of
> them were needed (already patched in new source), so we only have a few
> new patches.
> - Updated the wxGTK collision patch for wxwidgets as the old one
> wouldn't apply.
> - Use pushd and popd instead of cd in the cygport file.
> - Enable automated unit tests in the cygport file (these currently do
> work so I tested manually).
> - Enable and test wxwebview with webkit (works fine in all configurations).
> I'd like to use the AppVeyor CI tool to double check the build and build
> dependencies, but the very high RAM usage during compilation (12GB!)
> makes me think it might crash that system. Is it safe for me to proceed?
> I really don't want to ruin someone's day by crashing the CI system(s).
> I think I need a GTG before  can do this because I don't currently own
> the package, but I'm not sure.
> Finally, I'm going to keep these as test packages until I've got
> wxPython build and tested against them, which will be maybe another week
> or so depending on other priorities.
> Any feedback is very welcome :)
> Hamish

*bump* in case this went unnoticed.

I know it's a pain checking these over because it takes so long to build
them, but I would still very much appreciate it. I am already a
maintainer for other packages, but AFAIK this doesn't give me the right
to GTG myself.


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