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ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Mon Nov 23 20:05:09 GMT 2020

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps writes:
> Okay, wow that is a LOT quicker. I haven't timed mine precisely buts
> it's something like:

Just look at the files in the log/ folder.

> Compile 2 hrs, install 40 minutes (64bit), 120 minutes (32bit),
> packaging probably like 5 minutes.


> I have an NVME disk, but all my VMs (including this one) are on a SATA
> disk, and it's a Samsung QVO 1TB one that was cheaper but also slower
> (sustained write slows down to 80 MB/s eventually). Read is quick
> though. IIRC it's presented as SATA to the VM too.

What you really need to look for is IOPS/latency, not bandwidth.  I
rarely see upwards of 60MByte/s through NTFS unless very large files are
involved (and only then I've ever seen it surpass the SATA barrier of
~550MByte/s and not by much), but the QVO is better suited for warm
storage / backups and has pretty long response times and the low IOPS
that come with it when you fill the queue.  The NVMe on the other hand
mostly registers below 1ms where the former SATA disk (a WD Blue) was
all over the map up to almost 300ms at times and around 3…10ms average
under load.

> I'd better have a look at my configuration. Maybe do some disk and CPU
> benchmarks. This is in virtualbox so perhaps it's yet another problem
> with that, in the long list of problems I seem to have with virtualbox.
> The VM has 16GB of RAM dedicated to it, how does that compare to your
> system?

That system is at its official max. configuration of 32GiB (4x8GiB ECC).
But as I said, it was running around 6GiB for the whole build with some
brief spikes to maybe 8GiB.  So that seems unlikely to be your problem.

You run your VM (virtual storage controller) in AHCI mode or not?  That
should be the standard option for a recent Windows VM, but if not, then
rather abysmal disk performance is semi-expected.

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