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Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty hamishmb@live.co.uk
Mon Nov 23 20:11:13 GMT 2020

On 23/11/2020 20:05, ASSI wrote:
> Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps writes:
>> Okay, wow that is a LOT quicker. I haven't timed mine precisely buts
>> it's something like:
> Just look at the files in the log/ folder.
Okay, shall do once this build is done.
>> Compile 2 hrs, install 40 minutes (64bit), 120 minutes (32bit),
>> packaging probably like 5 minutes.
> Ouch.
>> I have an NVME disk, but all my VMs (including this one) are on a SATA
>> disk, and it's a Samsung QVO 1TB one that was cheaper but also slower
>> (sustained write slows down to 80 MB/s eventually). Read is quick
>> though. IIRC it's presented as SATA to the VM too.
> What you really need to look for is IOPS/latency, not bandwidth.  I
> rarely see upwards of 60MByte/s through NTFS unless very large files are
> involved (and only then I've ever seen it surpass the SATA barrier of
> ~550MByte/s and not by much), but the QVO is better suited for warm
> storage / backups and has pretty long response times and the low IOPS
> that come with it when you fill the queue.  The NVMe on the other hand
> mostly registers below 1ms where the former SATA disk (a WD Blue) was
> all over the map up to almost 300ms at times and around 3…10ms average
> under load.
I did a test with CrystalDiskMark and my speeds for sustained read and
write were 2+ GB/s, and 4k and random were 100MB/s and 40MB/s, so I
think that should be good enough. I think the GB/s figures come from
using the I/O cache (host is Linux), so it's just reading and writing
straight from/to RAM. The system itself has 32GB of RAM as well.
>> I'd better have a look at my configuration. Maybe do some disk and CPU
>> benchmarks. This is in virtualbox so perhaps it's yet another problem
>> with that, in the long list of problems I seem to have with virtualbox.
>> The VM has 16GB of RAM dedicated to it, how does that compare to your
>> system?
> That system is at its official max. configuration of 32GiB (4x8GiB ECC).
> But as I said, it was running around 6GiB for the whole build with some
> brief spikes to maybe 8GiB.  So that seems unlikely to be your problem.
> You run your VM (virtual storage controller) in AHCI mode or not?  That
> should be the standard option for a recent Windows VM, but if not, then
> rather abysmal disk performance is semi-expected.

Yeah, it's AHCI.

I've tried turning Avira Antivirus off for the next rebuild (segfault
and wxpython issues may be have been due to STL, not gnomevfs). I
already had exceptions for C:\cygwin64 and C:\cygwin, but we'll see if
that makes it any quicker. I guess I'll keep digging in the meantime.
Perhaps Cygwin and VirtualBox just don't work well together. I'm not
sure if it used to be faster.

Thanks for all the help,


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