[ITA] doxygen

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Oct 17 13:43:52 GMT 2020

Ken Brown writes:
> There's no need for a new release at the moment, but I'm attaching the cygport 
> file I would use if there were.  It differs in only very minor ways from the 
> current cygport file (also attached).

For your problem with the debuginfo that we've briefly discussed on IRC:

It turns out I had exactly the same problem before, for exactly the same
reason (Qt moc-generated interface headers) and the same fix works just
as well for doxygen:

CFLAGS+=" -femit-struct-debug-reduced"

That gets you debuginfo packages for both architectures (I didn't have
graphviz installed when building the package locally, but I doubt it
makes a difference for this issue).  I doubt anyone is going to notice
the difference due to the less detailed debugging information… :-)

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