How to create am initial cygwin package git repo?

Achim Gratz
Sun Oct 18 12:30:34 GMT 2020

Erwin Waterlander writes:
> The text on is unclear. The
> page says that the repo is lazily created on the first push. It should
> say that you first clone it with this command:
>  git clone ssh://
> and then do a first push

It shouldn't say that, because it works just as well when doing a git
init locally (or using an existing local repo) and then pushing to the
remote (which you also need to explicitly specify the first time you use
it).  In fact that's the sane way to do it when you already have local

For your packages, please check

and add the necessary BUILD_REQUIRES to make them build on the CI.  It's
recommended to iterate on the playground branch, which you can
force-push to (i.e. you can throw away commits that have not worked out)
and delete if no longer needed after having pushed the cleaned-up
version to the master branch.

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