Cygwin Maintainer Package Status Tracker

Brian Inglis
Sun Oct 18 17:06:23 GMT 2020, besides offering a convenient package search for distros offering
packages, and including Cygwin in those, also tracks whether the
packages are up to date, optionally by maintainer, and offers an Atom/RSS feed
of that status.

For example, see:

and plug your own (or anyone else's) names in there and subscribe to your own
package status feed.
I find it provides me with motivation as well as notification to keep my
packages updated, and is useful when your own package update checker doesn't run
or you break it!
Just don't get obsessed with keeping everything updated daily, even if you have
a lot of free time to fill!

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This email may be disturbing to some readers as it contains
too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.
[Data in binary units and prefixes, physical quantities in SI.]

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