[ITA] wxWidgets3.0

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty hamishmb@live.co.uk
Wed Oct 28 02:21:53 GMT 2020

On 27/10/2020 13:16, ASSI wrote:
> Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps writes:
>> Unfortunately, the unit tests do not run correctly for me, but it seems
>> they were originally disabled by Yakkov, probably for this exact reason.
> I believe many of the Gtk packages were either cross-compiled or
> compiled on a machine without the GUI available, so I'd not expect the
> tests to have been run for these.  Another problem is that GUI tests
> more often than not than suffer from ATWIL syndrome and can't be run as
> intended without major changes to the testsuite.

Ah I see, this makes sense. How well the GUI tests run seems rather
inconsistent. I think there might be an alignment issue that's causing
so many of the GTK3 tests to fail.

>> The cmdline one segfaults (both for GTK2 and GTK3), and a number of
>> tests fail, but unfortunately I cannot see which exact tests are failing
>> because I don't get to the summary before it segfaults. I'm not really
>> sure how to debug this, as I don't have much experience in C/C++
>> programming, and even less experience with using a debugger. Any good
>> tips/links?
> Well, the first thing I'd check if it even picks up the libraries you
> have just compiled.  If it fiddles with LD_LIBRARY_PATH that's your
> first clue that it doesn't.  You might have to prepend the build
> directories that have the libraries to PATH or even install the package
> before running the tests.

I've already added the libraries to PATH when building, but thanks for
the suggestion. I did also have to remove the system wxwidgets install
even with that, because the unit tests kept trying to use that,
resulting in fork errors and other unpredictable behaviour. Any more
ideas? Honestly, I'm happy to test manually with the wxPython demo and
some wxwidgets test programs if that's considered good enough.

Another interesting thing is that I get the following messages when
running cygport install:

Warning: x was not linked with -Wl, --enable-auto-image-base

Is this anything to be alarmed about or not really an issue? The
libraries seem to work okay, at any rate.


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