[ITP] python-getdevinfo

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Sep 13 06:13:23 GMT 2020

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty via Cygwin-apps writes:
> Hmm, who decides (and how) what counts as a Linux distro?

Something that is capable of and has actually done a license review.

> Either way, could anyone provide some insight as to whether bundling the
> Cygwin DLL would allow Cygwin programs to access the virtual /dev and
> /cygdrive paths? I have this all ready to be released for Windows, so
> one way or another I'll need to make a bundle anyway for convenience.

Yes, all the virtual fs are provided through the Cygwin DLL.

> It'd be great if it could make it into the official repos but I first
> submitted this ITP around a month ago so I don't have high hopes as of
> this point.

You still haven't explained what it would be useful for.  This
bare-metal stuff isn't something I'd usually consider doing from within
a userland compatibility layer running on Windows.

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