[RFC] cygport pm for managing package releases

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Fri Sep 25 17:13:23 GMT 2020

> I'm very keen on reducing the maintainer workload by increasing the 
> automation available to them.


> However, I'm not so sure about the approach proposed, which perpetuates 
> the 'create strange files which have a special meaning when uploaded 
> causing something non-obvious to happen' behaviour.
> I think I'd perhaps rather just extend the work done with 'untest' [2] 
> to allow maintainers to do these things directly.
> [2] 
> https://cygwin.com/git/?p=cygwin-apps/calm.git;a=commit;h=0a29ad572cbe1bcc64fd3624f5c38eee79c50445

I'm all in favor of using simpler methods. I just want to collect them all
in one place in cygport, so maintainers -

* don't have to remember, care, or find documentation for what the details
are for different package management functions;
* don't have to keep track as those methods change or improve;
* can rely on a stable and documented set of cygport commands to manage
their packages.

So as better automation becomes available, like the untest feature, we can
build that into cygport. But the maintainers won't necessarily have to
know; they can still just run cygport pm untest, for example.


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