Achim Gratz
Sun Apr 11 15:49:26 GMT 2021

Ken Brown via Cygwin-apps writes:
> Thanks! It works great for building the feature/native-comp branch of
> emacs. (configure --with-native-compilation if you want to try it
> yourself.)

Both architectures?  For whatever reasons the gcc testsuite on x86
always bombed out on these, so I have no idea if it works there.

> One minor packaging note: I would have expected the libgccjit0 package
> to contain only the DLL, with everything else in a libgccgit-devel
> package.

I've been looking at the msys packaging, which is the same, I have not
yet checked the Linux distributions.  Eventually we might want the two
packages you mention as that seems the cleaner approach.  We can sort
this out before it goes live.

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