Achim Gratz
Mon Apr 12 19:22:08 GMT 2021

[please keep your answers on the list]

>> You should download that data set via SRC_URI instead so it is already
>> available when needed, unless it is too large to get packaged,
> Thanks. Are you are saying I should add script to download the file in
> function src_test? Or add its URI as a value in the cygport file? What
> would the variable name be for that?

As I said already: SRC_URI.  You can put multiple URI there and they
will all be fetched and unpacked before you enter the build procedure.

>[I am using yahoo mail through a
> browser and I can't find a setting for unformatted text.]

It never ceases to amaze me that after all those years they still don't
manage to make (or even just use) a decent web mailer.  Reading and
answering your mail via a local mail program is not an option for you?

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