A problem while building xapian-bindindgs for python 3.6 on i686

Lemures Lemniscati lemures.lemniscati@gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 00:30:06 GMT 2021

On Thu, 15 Apr 2021 08:13:17 +0200, ASSI
> Lemures Lemniscati via Cygwin-apps writes:
> > I tried it by 'rebase -s $@'
> Make that 'rebase -sO $@' since you don't want to rebase the system DLL.
> > But, sadly, no improvement.
> Well, you'd generally start with figuring out where the error message
> comes from and then try to work your way back as to why the conditions
> arise that trigger it.  Also, I have at least one build (maxima) where I
> need to increase the Python heap size so it won't crash, so if Xapian
> uses lots of heap it might run into a problem as well.  I don't know the
> layout of where stack and heap are located and if the heap could grow
> into the stack (which would explain the error, but it might have an
> entirely different cause).

Thank you Achim.

(1) Debugging stack and heap seems too much for me now...

(2) The situation occurs at testing to load just-built modules
	/usr/bin/python3.6 -c 'import xapian'
	/usr/bin/python3.6 -O -c 'import xapian'

And weirdly, only first runs will crash.

That is, just after failure of building, these commands will
successfully exit, in an appropriate working directory

(3) So I've added dummy runs just after building and rebasing modules,
like this [1]:

--- origsrc/xapian-bindings-1.4.18/python3/Makefile.am
+++ src/xapian-bindings-1.4.18/python3/Makefile.am
@@ -92,6 +92,9 @@
 ## ksh requires a path on the sourced file.
 	. ./libtoolconfig.tmp; cp $$objdir/_xapian$(PYTHON3_SO) xapian
 	rm -f libtoolconfig.tmp
+	rebase -sO $@
+	-$(PYTHON3) -c 'import xapian'    # Without this, weirdly, it might fail to build for python 3.6 on i686
+	-$(PYTHON3) -O -c 'import xapian' # Without this, weirdly, it might fail to build for python 3.6 on i686
     xapian/_xapian$(PYTHON3_SO) \

[1]: https://github.com/cygwin-lem/xapian-bindings-cygport/commit/ef980c028c1018f27c13e66b0cf682bd35b16a82#diff-d0fb27992df3bfdc93dcef2469e6378d62dda513c730b4872ef25dd80199a63bR7-R9

(4) With this patch, modules for python 3.6 on i686 will be built
    Although both two dummy runs in [1] are expected to crash,
    they don't crash, weirdly.



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