CI Build Job Shows Pending but Github Actions Scallywag shows Success Completed

Jon Turney
Sat Aug 14 11:32:04 GMT 2021

On 13/08/2021 15:43, Brian Inglis wrote:
> CI build job 3160 gzip shown as still Pending
> but Github Actions Scallywag #146 job status shows Success and each arch 
> shows as Completed

Yeah, there's something not 100% reliable in the way this event is 
processed (it seems like the metadata artifact url occasionally 404s if 
we try to fetch it immediately after the job completes)

I've tried to add some resilience, but it seems it's still not there.

I caused this event to get reprocessed, so it's status should be up to 
date now.

I'll continue working on it, but please let me know if this happens again.

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