scallywag zp_texlive_finish.dash failing exit code 2 rebuilding installed formats

Jon Turney
Sun Aug 22 15:15:27 GMT 2021

On 22/08/2021 01:48, Brian Inglis wrote:
> Any way to see if there is anything useful in scallywag #160 (3181) 
> fontconfig run 1154600337 build_requires setup /var/log/setup.log.full 
> without hacking and pushing fontconfig.cygport?
> Trying to build updated fontconfig (to see if continual cache creation 
> issue has been resolved, or analyze and hopefully debug that issue to 
> remove or patch the cause, then ITA), but getting weird build issues.
> Trying scallywag playground, but it's also having problems installing 
> prereq texlive-collection-htmlxml, which pulls in other packages 
> including texlive-collection-formatsextra, which need built by
> /etc/postinstall/zp_texlive_finish.dash, which is failing somewhere with 
> exit code 2 - not a lot of detail!

I've tweaked scallywag so setup.log.full is also preserved in the 
builddir artefact.

This might now contain something useful if the post-install script is 
emitting an error.

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