Is it possible to 'cygport upload' with same p-v-r?

Sat Aug 28 10:26:11 GMT 2021

Mark Geisert writes:
> I'd like to re-spin the latest version of cygutils, that is, upload
> newer files with the same release number (1.4.16-5).  Is this
> possible, or do we now always change the release# when uploading?

Re-spin == re-release, so you need to increase the release number.

Test releases are releases too, the only difference is that users have
to actively opt-in to their installation.  You can only promote to
current (aka un-test) or release another version (after you've done that
you can delete the test version).  You could make a lower version
replace a test version that you want to delete (not sure how well tested
that is and what the various unofficial methods of installing Cygwin
would do in this case), but you can still not recycle the release number
you gave that test version.

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