[Attn. Maintainers] prepare your packages for release of perl-5.32

Alexey Sokolov alexey+cygwin@asokolov.org
Sun Feb 7 08:05:49 GMT 2021

> >
> > Please note that I can't easily figure out if a package uses an embedded
> > Perl interpreter or sets up its own installation paths for Perl modules.
> > These packages have previously been determined to fall under that
> > category (some may have dropped that dependency in the meantime, but the
> > maintainer would hopefully know):
> >
> znc                                          Alexey Sokolov


This package uses an embedded interpreter.

Right now I have technical difficulties, and ETA to resolve them is
unknown, so can't upload a new version. The cygport is available at
, could you please try to rebuild it with the new perl?
SCALLYWAG=deploy worked the last time, so there shouldn't be any
difficulties. I won't be able to check if runtime works though.

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