Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 05:25:23 GMT 2021

On 01.01.2021 17:01, Achim Gratz wrote:
> So I thought that it woöuld be good to update Qt5 before it becomes Qt6…
> unfortunately the version in Cygwin is 5.9.4 while 5.15.2 is current, so
> there is quite a bit of changes to wade through.  It doesn't help that
> that the Cygwin patches never got upstreamed or accepted (the net result
> is the same).  I think I've got the whole thing cleaned up so that it
> should work, but there is one change that stumps me:
> In 5.9.4 the QT5 libraries were linked via
>   -L/mnt/share/packages/qt5-base-5.9.4-2.src/qt5-base.x86_64/build/lib -lQt5Core
> while in 5.15.2 that has changed to
>   /mnt/share/packages/qt5-base/qt5-base.x86_64/build/lib/cygQt5Core.dll

what is curious is that it is not what you would expect by the name

$ file  *Qt5Core*
cygQt5Core.dll:   current ar archive
cygQt5Core.la:    libtool library file, ASCII text
cygQt5Core-5.dll: PE32+ executable (DLL) (console) x86-64, for MS Windows
libQt5Core.dll.a: current ar archive
libQt5Core.prl:   ASCII text, with very long lines

$ md5sum  *Qt5Core*
cc96f43516bb8dfb2777119304d70cfc *cygQt5Core.dll
a6a615ba27c7615d1c0414e434e9df2f *cygQt5Core.la
ab6831713192ecffae52b600e4243675 *cygQt5Core-5.dll
cc96f43516bb8dfb2777119304d70cfc *libQt5Core.dll.a
3cb42dafcdb46d3b9b68295064b758d5 *libQt5Core.prl

and it is more or less the same for all the libs

$ md5sum *Qt5Xml*
59aea92b768462b4bce6faf737152ff4 *cygQt5Xml.dll
c1ad01e05508c0955cb142fc5348ea6f *cygQt5Xml.la
d4db308fad54659e89baec12a1fb74e8 *cygQt5Xml-5.dll
59aea92b768462b4bce6faf737152ff4 *libQt5Xml.dll.a
2314a2fda6f78bee8d09ed4587968dc0 *libQt5Xml.prl

> This nixes the fixup that was supposed to get the correct name there
> (which I had to disable anyway because it now mucks up the target name
> for the .prl stuff).  I have no good idea where to fix that up, I think
> I'd want the link library (.dll.a) there if I need to keep the absolute
> path.  For now I've done a monkey patch around that with a hardlink, but
> there must be a better way of doing it…  The compile now goes through, I
> later get an error because it tries to use some tools that I haven't yet
> installed.
> Regards,
> Achim.

it crashes for me for some resource issues, but after
re-kicking the build it is now running through all the examples

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