Multiple version of Lua with alternatives

Achim Gratz
Sat Feb 27 12:32:37 GMT 2021

Lemures Lemniscati via Cygwin-apps writes:
>> > I've understood that we should avoid /usr/local.

Specifically we should avoid to put files or directories there, so if
you ever envision to have luarocks wrapped up as Cygwin packages that is
definitiely the wrong place for them to end up at.  OTOH, if you think
of luarocks as things that only ever exist locally, then it might be OK
(but even the empty directory must not be packaged).

>> > And, choices for a tree-prefix where luarocks will install rocks are:
>> > 1) luarocks_tree=/usr/share/lua/luarocks

That only makes sense if luarocks aren't architecture specific.  In
other words if you had multiple lua installations of the same version
targeting different architectures and they could all share the exact
same luarocks, then these should be installed into that location.

>> > 2) luarocks_tree=/usr/lib/lua/luarocks
>> > 3) luarocks_tree=/usr/libexec/lua/luarocks

Both of these are for architecture specific components.  I fkeep
forgetting the exact definition of libexec in FHS, but I think it's for
components that users would not invoke directly (if it exists at all).

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