binutils 2.36.1

Sun Feb 28 07:52:05 GMT 2021

Mark Geisert writes:
> I have now built and installed x86 binutils 2.36.1 locally.  I've been
> able to build the Cygwin DLL and mosh without issues.  I suspect you
> might be right on the edge of running out of address space given your
> symptoms are erratically recurring and it's on x86.

I don't think so or I wouldn't have been able to build Perl, which
needed quite a lot of extra space for the ephemeral rebases on x86.
Also not that while it produces a for error, it's actually the stack
that moves, something I haven't previously seen to happen when I run out
of address space.

> As a basis for comparison I've got 293 DLLs according to 'rebase -i
> *.dll|wc -l' in the /usr/bin directory.  'rebase -i *.dll | head'
> shows this:

rebase -si | head

is way easier and shows you the real thing.

> The output is sorted by base address.  See where your lowest DLL is
> based; that should tell you if you'll need to prune some lesser-used
> packages to free up some DLL address space.

I'm down to 0x329d and there really isn't all that much I can remove if
I need to keep building all my packages.  There are quite some libraries
that I have in multiple versions due to the dependent packages not
having been rebuilt after the library update, but that's nothing I can

OK, so some helpful idiot has decided that the ASLR and NXcompat flags
should be on by default.  How this is not something that belongs into
the ChangeLog is anybodies guess.

So once I find out how to best get rid of that it should start working
again I guess.

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