OpenSSL package updates

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Nov 6 21:17:07 GMT 2021

On Nov  6 20:59, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen via Cygwin-apps writes:
> > That started with OpenSSL 0.9.5 I think, I'm not sure anymore.  You
> > should be able to do this in a single step, as long as you craft the
> > dependencies so that an update of the openssl package pulls in the
> > openssl10 package with the old lib.  As soon as all dependent distro
> > packages are updated, you can just drop the dependency and then the old
> > package entirely.
> I was hoping there was a precedent we could use for this.
> The idea would be that the old openssl dependencies are all converted to
> point to mingw64-*-openssl10 instead and the old packages either renamed
> or removed before the (final?) update to mingw64-*-openssl-1.0.2u+za.
> Then drop in mingw64-*-openssl-1.1.1l openssl, which most packages that
> are still actively maintained would probably need anyway during one of
> their next updates.

You create a new mingw-openssl10 package set, or even just a single
package only providing the openssl 1.0 DLLs, i.e. mingw-libopenssl100.

Then you create the mingw-openssl packages with the new 1.1 version.
The mingw-libopenssl110 package gets an extra dependency to
mingw-libopenssl100.  That will work OOTB without having to fix the
dependent package hints.

The old openssl packages providing the previous 1.0 versions should
better get removed, I guess.

In a second step the dependencies in the below packages could be changed
to require the mingw-libopenssl100 package.  At least that would be
better for bookkeeping.  Does that require manual intervention on the
server?  I'm not sure, Jon would know this better.


> The packages that are affected:
> mingw64-*-botan
> mingw64-*-curl
> mingw64-*-gnome-vfs
> mingw64-*-gstreamer
> mingw64-*-libevent
> mingw64-*-libgda
> mingw64-*-liboauth
> mingw64-*-libshout
> mingw64-*-libssl2
> mingw64-*-libzip
> mingw64-*-mariadb-connector
> mingw64-*-neon
> mingw64-*-nghttp
> mingw64-*-opusfile
> mingw64-*-postgresql
> mingw64-*-qca
> mingw64-*-qt4
> mingw64-*-qt5-base
> mingw64-*-glib2
> mingw64-*-unbound

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