FIDO/U2F middleware libraries

Achim Gratz
Sun Nov 14 15:53:14 GMT 2021

So I've got myself some FIDO2 tokens to eventually use with OpenSSH and
that works.  However, you need to be administrator to access the HID
interface on Win10 past 1909 or so or else go through their
"WindowsHello" API.  I've found two middleware libraries that almost
build out of the box on Cygwin:

They both work on 64bit only (the first one builds on 32bit, but
crashes, the second one doesn'tr even build).  If anybody wants to have
a look, here are the package sources on playground:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/libwinhello;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/libwindowsfidobridge

The build artefacts are on AppVeyor.

There is a newer version of libfido (which OpenSSH uses) that should be
able to use the WindowsHello.  Corinna has patched it up to the point
were it actually builds and OpenSSH tries to use it, but fails.  I have
no idea yet if the fail is triggered by something OpenSSH does or
seomthing in libfido not lining up with WindowsHello.  I have to get up
to speed on how to use the fido-tools provided with libfido in order to
see where things go sideways.

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