Orphaning fzf

Adam Dinwoodie adam@dinwoodie.org
Tue Feb 1 21:22:21 GMT 2022

The upstream fzf package moved from Ruby to Go some time ago.  I had
vague but noble intetions to try to maintain a fork on the basis of the
last version of the Ruby code, but never managed anything useful.  In
that context, I expect it's time that I officially throw in the towel,
and mark fzf as orphaned.

The existing build still works, and I don't think there's likely to be
any crass security problems or anything like that.  But there's no
longer any upstream support, and I clearly don't have the capacity to
properly maintain it solo.

I'm not quite sure what the process is here, but I suspect it's just a
case of someone with the appropriate access making an update to


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