python-cryptography >= 3.4.0 and Rust

Allen Hewes
Thu Feb 3 22:11:29 GMT 2022

Hi @all,

I use Cygwin pretty much like Linux in/on my Windows machines. Meaning, I am not using it for POSIX reasons. I do like Cygwin a lot, I prefer Cygwin over WSL/WSL2.

A PyPI package I wanted to use has a hard dependency on cryptography>=35.0.

So I downloaded the Cygwin source for python-cryptography and got to work on updating it to 35.0.

Welp, then the wheels came off. I am assuming that Cygwin's python-cryptography is still at 3.3.2 b/c of this Rust issue?

Cryptography as of 3.4.0 requires Rust when building from source (to make a wheel):

Cryptography is using PyO3 and it doesn't support Cygwin targets:

After looking at this more, Rust doesn't support Cygwin targets:

To get updates to Python cryptography, a Rust that can target Cygwin is needed. There is also a swirl of other dependencies below this layer that could cause issues in Cygwin land, e.g. OpenSSL.

There's been some efforts and detailed discussions around the edges w.r.t Cygwin and Rust, but it appears that Rust treats Cygwin as a build environment only (like MinGW and friends) and not a native target.

Rust is making more in-roads into software I use frequently or like to use. Is there any efforts or discussions about getting Rust able to target Cygwin?




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