CI Jobs Not Being Submitted to Github Actions

Jon Turney
Sun Feb 6 16:46:58 GMT 2022

On 06/02/2022 08:45, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> On 06.02.2022 00:46, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> or is it just me? ;^>

As far as I can tell, the REST API request to start the workflow 
succeeded, but no workflow run started.

This looks like something transient which happened inside github (their 
status page shows an incident at around that time)

> sometime happens, I saw same on job 3740
> I guess the platform has some glitch, maybe for update or load, and 
> forgot the pending jobs

This case is different, in that the workflow ran to completion, but when 
the 'completed' webhook fired, trying to fetch the build metadata 
artefact failed 404 (which seems to happen occasionally) (which means we 
can't find the associated job to update the status of to reflect that).

In both cases, the solution is probably to make scallywag an 
asynchronous process, rather than a daisy-chain of hooks, so it can 
retry these things if they don't go to plan.

Probably not happening this week, though :)

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