State of

Adam Dinwoodie
Wed Feb 16 12:19:50 GMT 2022

There's a GitHub organisation at that
looks to have been largely abandoned; there doesn't seem to have been
any meaningful activity there since at least July 2019, and the link in
the top bar has clearly been taken over by domain squatters.

I think the purpose of that organisation is now entirely served by the
Git repos hosted at, and clearly nobody is using
it.  Should someone (I guess Yaakov, as the organization owner)
officially consign the organization to history and delete it?

I do think it would be nice to have a GitHub organization to hold Cygwin
packaging paraphernalia, which maintainers could ignore, or use as a
mirror to or from the Cygwin-hosted repos, as they prefer.  I'm happy to
set that up and organize it myself, but I expect it'll be simpler to
manage starting from a clean slate.


PS: it turns out that getting appropriate medical treatment for
something you had no idea wasn't normal for 30 years makes it much
easier to get stuff done!  Hence the flurry of activity, as I catch up
with around a decade of wishlist / "wouldn't it be nice if" things I'd
never quite had the time and energy to get to...

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