[PR] cygport (update required for autoconf-2.71)

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 17:22:50 GMT 2022

On 05.12.2021 10:34, Achim Gratz wrote:
> In order for cygport to work correctly when autoconf 2.71 is requested,
> please pull the first commit (b25cb3faa) on my to-upstream branch into
> upstream and release a new version.  I'd appreciate if the full branch
> would be pulled, these are all used by me for quite some time already.
> Regards,
> Achim.

I see that "officially" Yaakov is still the maintainer


but I do not remember any commitment from him to do so.

If Yaakov declines, how can we manage the ownership ?


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