newcomer issues when packaging biosig,stimfit, etc.

Marco Atzeri
Sat Jan 8 19:24:28 GMT 2022

On 08.01.2022 20:15, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> following on cygwin-apps
> On 08.01.2022 18:41, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>> On 08.01.2022 18:34, Alois Schlögl wrote:
>>> Dear Cygwin community,
>> Hi Alois,
>>> I intend to package Stimfit [1] and Biosig [2] (and perhaps 
>>> libb64,libbiosig,sigviewer) for cygwin. The packages are already 
>>> available in Debian, but when trying to package them for cygwin, I 
>>> run into some difficulties.
>>> I read the documentation [3-5], but I got stuck, and I'd appreciate 
>>> your help on this. Attached are my current versions of  *.cygports 
>>> and *.hint files
>> please subscribe to cygwin-apps.
>> The discussion about maintainership and packaging are handled there
> I looked on libb64, as it is not using autoconf/automake
> you can not use the default src_* but you need to define them.
> As the Makefile is building only static lib and has no install
> procedure I modified to build only shared and I used
> cygport for the installation.
> I also separated the test.
> See attached update cygport and patch.

as we have already base64

$ cygcheck -l coreutils | grep base64

I wonder if is it really useful.
Otherwise you need to change name to the binary


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