Using ZChunk for setup…

Achim Gratz
Sun Jan 9 11:05:17 GMT 2022

I've been experimenting with ZChunk with the idea of eventually using it
for setup:

The chunked ini file is ~10…15% larger than the original (after
compression).  In order to minimize the overhead, I've re-arranged the
package entries to have one chunk for every source package.  The actual
benefit is that the typical download size reduces to less than 5% of the
original.  Two examples of much longer timespans between updates are
provided at the end, which would still download only around a third of
the original:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
# no changes, only header gets downloaded
update from 20220109 to 20220109
Would download 82277 of 4061994 bytes
Matched 4103 of 4103 chunks

update from 20220106 to 20220109
Would download 112022 of 4061994 bytes
Matched 4078 of 4103 chunks

update from 20211221 to 20220106
Would download 172069 of 4061583 bytes
Matched 4024 of 4103 chunks

update from 20211218 to 20211221
Would download 216879 of 4052330 bytes
Matched 4012 of 4098 chunks

update from 20211204 to 20211218
Would download 248101 of 4020714 bytes
Matched 3997 of 4097 chunks

update from 20200102 to 20210703
Would download 1438581 of 3960442 bytes
Matched 2938 of 4087 chunks

update from 20190101 to 20200102
Would download 1139408 of 3723670 bytes
Matched 3142 of 3987 chunks
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


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