newcomer issues when packaging biosig,stimfit, etc.

Marco Atzeri
Wed Jan 12 05:47:25 GMT 2022

On 11.01.2022 12:33, Alois Schlögl wrote:
> Dear Marco,
> Yesterday, I've tried to subscribe to the cygwin-apps mailinglist, but 
> so far I did not get any confirmation email. When trying to send to the 
> mailinglist, it fails with " Your message has been rejected, probably 
> because you are not ...".
> Do you know how long it typically takes until the mailing list 
> subscription is confirmed ?

sorry I don't.
I am subscripted by so long.

could you check ?

> In the meantime, please find below the status for the libb64 and biosig 
> packages.

> Thanks that was helpful. Attached is an updated version for biosig and 
> libb64.
> cygport libb64.cygport all
> cygport biosig.cygport all
> runs now w/o error. How can I test whether result can be installed and 
> used ?

One major problem.
Never build in the source directory, the final src.patch
must fit with you desired patch.
So only what you patched should come out.

For this package that does not respect the build in a
different directory than source, you shoud start
with something like:

src_compile() {
         cd ${S}
         cd ${B}

unfortunately I have no time to dig further
short term


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