Using ZChunk for setup…

Achim Gratz
Sat Jan 22 20:45:07 GMT 2022

Jon Turney writes:
> How would the signature be checked?  Is it for the reconstructed full
> zchunk file?

The signature should be for the full (reconstructed) file I think, the
individual chunks of the changeset are locked in by SHA256 checksums

> One slightly related issue which it would be good to address if
> possible when adding this is that rsync is only file-atomic, not
> repo-atomic, so we may get a compressed ini file and signature which
> don't match as they are different moments in time during an update. I
> think currently no-one notices this if it happens, as setup silently
> falls back to an older compression type, but it would be nice to stop
> generating those eventually.

One of the things I am still thinking about is switching from the ini
format to YAML.  In this case the signature could/should be part of the
data structure (JOSE/COSE style), so you'd only ever have to look at a
single file and it wouldn't matter how you got it together.

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