Marco Atzeri
Sun Jan 23 22:20:42 GMT 2022

On 16.01.2022 17:10, Achim Gratz wrote:
> There was a request on IRC to update the ansible package.  I've had a
> quick look, the tentative result is on the playground branch:
> As mentioned by Yaakov, I switched over to ansible-core, updated the
> patches and made some changes so that th CI would have a chance to build
> the package.
> Some of the necessary packages are missing for python39 so I had to keep
> this at python37 and one (python37-straight.plugin) doesn't currently
> exist at all.  

Hi Achim,

which are missing for python39 other than paramiko ?
I built the python3x-straight.plugin and uploaded it.

Skipping the doc ansible builds with python39

The latter may not actually be needed anymore, but the
> package build doesn't work anyway.  Someone with more knowledge of
> python would need to look at where exactly the problem is (the
> "packaging" module seems to be missing even though it's in the
> BUILD_REQUIRES) and provide a fix.

Documentation requires "Tools for building the Ansible Distribution"

so I think we need only for python39 and not for all versions
ok ?


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