setup trying to install not existing packages

Jon Turney
Mon Jan 24 19:57:35 GMT 2022

On 24/01/2022 05:30, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> in same cases Setup is trying to install python-sip 6.5.0-1
> It seems the missing install row that we are currently accepting
> is not properly understood by Setup

Wow, what an oversight.

This just a bug in setup, in that it creates a python-sip 6.5.0-1 
package, even though it doesn't have an install line (and so there's no 
path to download it from, so if we produce a solution including it, the 
download is just going to fail)

> there should be 3 packages that are pulling python-sip but really need 
> python2-sip

picard, pulseaudio-equalizer, python-pykde4 seem to be the effected 

Should be fixed in setup 2.917, which doesn't add that bogus package to 
the data model, so the solution includes python-sip 4.19.6-1, which 
pulls in python2-sip 4.19.6-1

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