Revert coreutils 9.1 to test 8.32 to curr stable

Jon Turney
Tue Jun 7 18:48:13 GMT 2022

On 07/06/2022 17:48, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On 2022-06-07 03:39, Jon Turney wrote:
>> On 07/06/2022 00:33, Brian Inglis wrote:
>>> Verified below issue with coreutils 9.1 promoted last night to stable!
>>> Problem does not occur in 8.32, so can we please revert coreutils 9.1 
>>> to test and restore 8.32 to stable.
>>> Or is there some process by which I can do so?
>> You seem to have figured this out, but FTR:
>> * Remove [1] or re-upload [2] the package with test: added to hints
>> * Upload an override.hint with replace-versions: [3]
>> Note that due to the way the depsolver works, replace-versions: 
>> doesn't do anything if the package would still be chosen to install.
>> (calm tries to warn about that, but it seems you've tripped over a bug 
>> where it doesn't take test: into consideration and warns when it 
>> shouldn't)
>> [1]
>> [2] Re-uploading a package with the same (or missing!) archives, but 
>> modified hints is currently allowed for historical reasons
>> [3]
> Thanks Jon, for looking into this, but package-test rebuild and upload 
> [2] resulted in ERROR and discards:

I didn't say rebuild, I just said re-upload.

I don't expect the package build is reproducible (not least because the 
file timestamps inside the package archive will be different)

You can't upload package archives with the same name but different 
contents, because that would be a really bad idea.

You are only allowed to change .hint files (although this is still 
somewhat a bad idea).

> ERROR: discarding, different /sourceware/cygwin-staging/home/Brian 
> Inglis/x86/release/coreutils/coreutils-9.1-1-src.tar.xz is already in 
> release area (perhaps you should rebuild with a different 
> version-release identifier?)
> INFO: discarding, identical /sourceware/cygwin-staging/home/Brian 
> Inglis/x86/release/coreutils/coreutils-9.1-1.tar.xz is already in 
> release area
> INFO: discarding, identical /sourceware/cygwin-staging/home/Brian 
> Inglis/x86/release/coreutils/coreutils-debuginfo/coreutils-debuginfo-9.1-1.tar.xz 
> is already in release area
> ERROR: error while reading uploaded arch x86 packages from maintainer 
> Brian Inglis
> SUMMARY: 2 ERROR(s), 2 INFO(s)
> and same for other arch.

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