[ITP] cygfuse

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Thu Mar 10 06:16:25 GMT 2022

This is a Cygwin version of libfuse{,3} that can be found in various Linux 
distributions.  It is a couple of link libraries and additions to 
/usr/include to allow porting of FUSE apps.  FUSE: File System In User 
Space.  I will shortly be providing an sshfs FUSE app, to be covered by a 
separate ITP.

Importantly, cygfuse depends on an underlying Windows FUSE implementation: 
WinFSP.  In fact the Cygwin library code was provided by the author of 
WinFSP.  I'm just providing a bona-fide Cygwin package for the code.

WinFSP, and thus cygfuse, is made available under GPLv3 for Free/Libre and 
Open Source Software or under a commercial license.

If another Windows FUSE provider shows interest in supporting Cygwin, I 
suspect it could be supported with alternatives(8).

The initial project files for review are located at:

Thanks for reading and for any feedback you might have,


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