Achim Gratz
Mon Mar 14 20:12:09 GMT 2022

Jon Turney writes:
> lib/pkg_info.cygport: implement automatic determination of the
> appropriate perl5_0xy requirement
> 1. In __list_deps(), this should look at the files list in $@, not at
> files in $D, as that causes it to identify a perl5_0xy dependency for 
> all subpackages, irrespective of which package (if any) contains the
> files in the vendor_perl directory.

I guess I didn't have a package with those characteristics.  Will change.

> 2. This only identifies the perl5_0xy requirement for packages which
> own files in the vendor_perl directory, not for packages which contain 
> executables or shared libraries dynamically linked with
> cygperl5_xy.dll.   That should at least be mentioned in the patch
> commentary.

Hmm.  Example package to test this with?

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