[ITP] cygfuse

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Fri Mar 25 08:24:49 GMT 2022

Hi Jon,
Thanks for the helpful review comments. More below.

Jon Turney wrote:
> On 10/03/2022 06:16, Mark Geisert wrote:
[...]> A few small comments on the cygport file
>> HOMEPAGE="https://github.com/mgeisert/cygfuse"
>> #SRC_URI="http://maxrnd.com/~mark/cygwin/x86_64/release/cygfuse/cygfuse-${PV}.tar.xz" 
>> #NOT YET: GIT_URI="https://github.com/mgeisert/cygfuse.git"
>> #NOT YET:    inherit git
> It's unclear where the upstream source tarball comes from...

Things were in flux and are now straightened out. There's just a SRC_URI now.
>> # take over these activities from cygport..
> This should be written 'RESTRICT=strip', I think.

Yep, thanks.

>> src_compile()
>> {
>>     # fix source tree glitch.. (maybe 'prep' stumbling or bad tarfile layout?)
>>     if [ -e ${S}/src ]; then
>>     mv ${S}/src/cygfuse ${S}
>>     rmdir ${S}/src
>>     fi
> I think this can be handled with 'SRC_DIR=src/cygfuse' (and suitable adjustment to 
> paths throughout)

I had tried several variations on this before the initial ITP post. I tried again 
after your comment. I'm still having issues with source layout.

I think my trouble is I'm bootstrapping my own source tree and there seem to be 
conventions (that I don't know) on how it should be laid out. It seems the source 
tarball generated by cygport doesn't match the layout of my own source tree.

Should my original source be in directory "src" or "src/cygfuse"? If the latter, 
should there be a version number as part of the directory name? Should my original 
source be placed under "origsrc" or "src"? These questions pertain to layout 
before cygport is run to generate the first-ever package tarballs.

Currently the build, install, package steps seem to run to completion.  But doing 
a fetch and prep of the tarball has got me stymied (in the prep step).  Error is
     SRC_DIR is not correctly defined
I have been perusing /usr/share/cygport/*.cygpart but haven't found a solution.


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