Updated: mintty 3.6.2

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Mon Nov 14 13:51:45 GMT 2022

I have uploaded mintty 3.6.2 with the following changes:

Unicode and Emoji data
   * Unicode 15.0 update.

Terminal features
   * Status line area support (VT320, xterm 371), DECSSDT, DECSASD.
   * Extended multi-line host-writable status area, DECSSDT 2 N.
   * Combined sub/superscript attributes render small script (#1171).
   * Adjusted subscript position (~#1171).
   * Alternative DEC private SGRs for sub/superscript (#1171).
   * Revamp line cursor handling, size changeable by CSI ? N c (#1157, 
   * Support DECSET 117 (DECECM, VT520).
   * Added DECARR to DECRQSS.
   * Prevent font zooming for resizing controls like CSI 8.
   * Optionally visualize margins by dimming.

Keyboard handling
   * Not suppressing user-defined KeyFunctions for keypad keys in keypad 
modes (#1161).
   * Alt+keypad-minus initiates decimal numeric input in case an 
Alt+numpad-digit key is assigned a user-defined function.

Mouse handling
   * Configurable modifiers for hovering and link opening (#1169).
   * Support super and hyper modifiers with mouse functions.
   * Fixed mouse pixel coordinates limits (DECSET 1016).

   * Grab focus again after showing the window, reducing focus delay for 
Windows 11 (#1113).

   * Option OldKeyFunctionsKeypad (~#1161, not listed in manual).
   * Option OpeningMod (#1169).
   * New user-definable function reset-noask.
   * Option DimMargins, user-definable function toggle-dim-margins.
   * Option StatusLine, user-definable function toggle-status-line.
   * Background image mode '+' for combined scaling and tiling (#1180).
   * New user-definable function transparency-opaque (#1168).

   * Fixed crash condition on user-defined commands (#1174).
   * Add confirm dialog to Reset triggered by menu or Alt+F8 (#1173).

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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