How does a package become orphaned? (was Re: Attn maintainer: python-paramiko)

Libor Ukropec
Tue Nov 15 18:47:34 GMT 2022

Dne 04.11.2022 v 14:05 Chad Dougherty napsal(a):
> On 2022-11-04 08:34, Jon Turney wrote:
>> The second is not so clear: A package is orphaned if it's maintainer
>> is not responsive to queries as to if they still want to be the maintainer of the package.
>> It's undefined how many times we should ping, or how long we should wait for a response, 
>> but I think that the ~10 months that's elapsed here is more than enough!
> If the prospective adopter is also proposing an update that addresses security 
> vulnerabilities in the old package, I suggest that that, and the severity and impact of 
> those vulnerabilities be factored into the timeout decision.
What I do not want to do is the violent take over, so I gave some time to the original 
owner of the python-paramiko to respond. I created a bug on almost 2 weeks ago 
and so far no reaction:

So I'd like to ask for ITA for his several packages, BUT:

the cygport is executing in "src_test" some python tests that in the end requires some 
python packages not available as cygwin packages (typing_extensions, mock, pytest-mock, 
may be others).

So should I
a) remove the test? (this is not my preference)
b) specify/execute in the cygport `pip3 install pkg1 pkg2 ...` - I'd expect that executing 
any stuff in the cygport is not allowed (and I do not want to trigger 'misuse alarm')

and additional question - how do I execute scallywag "before" the ITA is approved and git 
repo created? Can/should I use 'playground' branch for another package that I already 

I do not see guide on is explaining this.

Thank you,

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